Let our crew detail your landscaping by refreshing your mulch or planting new flowers, shrubs, and edible plants in your garden beds. In addition, we can help boost your home’s curb appeal by removing/replacing shrubs and eliminating weeds without the use of harsh chemicals. 

Looking to hire a handyman in your area? We’ve got you covered! 

Whether you’re looking for “Landscape detailing services near me” or have questions about our home improvement services in the West Metro, reach out to our local handymen today to get started! Demolishing a wall, redoing your kitchen, or even fixing your deck can be daunting tasks – and sometimes it’s best to hire professionals to handle the job. That’s where RPlus comes in. RPlus is a company that specializes in handyman services, and they’re experts at demolition, interior remodeling, deck refurbishing, and dock repairs

Landscape Detailing